My primary goal in teaching is that each student gains a clear picture of the content and is able to apply the learned methods both in practice and in theory. You can download my teaching statement here. The feedback from students on my teaching has always been very positive and motivated me to convey knowledge in the best possible manner. For instance, I was recently awarded the best teaching award of the student body of the Faculty of Economics and Business (“Fachschaftspreis für Exzellente Lehre”). Lecture evalutations are available upon request.

Lectures: In recent years I have taught the following lectures at the Goethe University Frankfurt and Goethe Business School:

Thesis Supervision: I have supervised more than 30 bachelor’s and master’s theses at the Goethe University Frankfurt in Actuarial Science, Asset Pricing, Climate Finance, Environmental Economics, Portfolio Optimization, and Risk Management.

Tutorials: I used to work as a teaching assistant at the Goethe University Frankfurt, where I gave tutorials in courses such as Capital Markets and Asset Pricing, Credit Risk, Dynamic Asset Allocation and Applications, and Financial Decisions and Markets. Before I started my PhD at the Goethe University I had been working as a teaching assistant at the Unviersity of Kaiserslautern for two years. In Kaiserslautern, I used to give tutorials in Higher Mathematics, Stochastic Methods, and Statistics for Economists, among others.